Online marketing mba: SNHU alumni testimonial

You need a school that is actually going to pay attention to your background, because that’s really where the gap is. You’re an adult-learner, and you’ve worked for 10 years or 15 years, and then you want to get into school and all the other schools seem to be giving you a stereotype– you must write this or do that.

But this is the one school– you can call in and they’ll pay attention to your experience and see how best to take it to the next level. That is SNHU, and that’s why I came here. So I had a great time with SNHU. Coming from Nigeria– working out in the US, and looking for a school to go to– SNHU seemed to be the only school that could actually recognize my experience of someone who’s been in marketing for a while.

So they were like, well, you don’t necessarily have to come in with a GMAT or a GRE, but your 5+ experience– having worked with different companies– would act in your stead. So they allowed me to come in, and I joined the school, and it’s been such a wonderful experience because I could attend my classes at my convenience.

I have the professors that I can reach out to. They would always be like, call us on the phone. And I’m like, OK, I could call my professor on the phone– send emails. And then my course advisor has been very great.

Why online marketing mba?

Whitney has been really great. She was the one who actually allowed me to know how quickly I could graduate, do two courses at a time. She would follow up with me and let me know if I want to stay in the term or not. It’s that kind of community where I didn’t feel like I was online, but I knew I was online.

online-marketing-mbaThe classes– social media– oh my god. I finally started my own company. I have my own website and everything– attending my class. So it’s been a great experience– SNHU, one love.  I’ve been trying to do some things that would actually impact my home country, Nigeria.

And through the social media class where we learned a lot about how to integrate social media concepts and practices into what we already doing in our day jobs and things that we hope to do, they helped me going in on blogging, they helped me go in on activities.

Big activities like actually having any company website. Now I’m going to graduate, take over, and really put to good use all the information I have. So it’s been a great experience with that. Now, If anybody wants to come to SNHU, the first thing that I’ll tell them is that you are sure you will graduate.

You go through all these schools and nobody’s trying to help you, and you’re just like a face or a number on paper? It’s different with these guys; they want you to graduate. So everything is geared towards letting you know what you need to do, how you’re doing in your class.


They give you all the information on the link– the website, the platform– is really interactive. You can check your mails. In fact right now I think I receive personal emails on my SNHU account because it’s much more functional than even some of ones that I have. So it’s like one big thing to help you graduate.

I didn’t think it was possible for me to work and go to school. It’s hard enough, already, going to work, having to do 12 hours on my job, and wanting to go to school is difficult. But knowing that everything that I need from the books to the support, to the professors, to the classes– the teams– that whole package is what makes the difference. SNHU has been able to bring all that together for me. Now, I feel like I’m a master of business administration (online marketing mba).  Oh yeah, praise the lord, I’m a graduate!!!